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Discord: H̶̿͝ă̸͠r̷͑͛ḯ̶̈ó̵̆k̵̿̆ő̸͠ ̴̈́̂#2260


Name: harioko
Discord: H̶̿͝ă̸͠r̷͑͛ḯ̶̈ó̵̆k̵̿̆ő̸͠ ̴̈́̂#2260
Age: 18 years
Languages: Deutsch, Russisch

I'm nothing special in the VTuber scene, which is why I don't behave like a real VTuber. Nevertheless I have fun streaming and using a virtual character. I'm open to play any game, but mainly I only stream games that I enjoy. Actually I stream alone, but it often happens that I stream with viewers or other VTubers. But if I should stream in a group, I am rather the more quiet and mute and let the others speak ... (A little info about my name: It's a combination of gray and cat ... Gray, because I feel the color as quiet and cat, because the animal itself fits the color).


Action, Horror, Story Games, und viel mehr...


Minecraft, Rocket League, Overwatch, Dead by Daylight, Just Chatting, und viel mehr

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