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Hello, we are VirtualLifeDE.
We are a young team full of creative VTubers who stream art, music and gaming and so sweeten the everyday life of our viewers. We have something for everyone - humor, drama, horror - and also a unique community with which we go through thick and thin.

VirtualLifeDE is a network from VTubers for VTubers. It should help to bring the German VTuber community closer together and to connect with each other without creating any obligations for the streamers. The primary streaming platform of our network is Twitch, because we all feel at home there.

VirtualLifeDE was founded in spring 2021 to support and help each other while streaming. We have made it our goal to spread "VTubing" in Germany and to make it something well-known. The fun of everyone involved in the network and streaming is very important to us at VirtualLifeDE. Our focus is always on our content creators with their individual personalities and skills.

Furthermore, we organize large projects for the community of our network regularly, such as our Minecraft Roleplay Server, and thus offer both our VTubers and our viewers a unique streaming experience.

At VirtualLifeDE everyone who is interested in streaming and is a VTuber with heart and soul can simply apply here. The applications are all evaluated according to the same criteria, so that every applicant has the same, fair chance.

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Cooperation with BEAUTV

We are happy to announce that we are now partnered with BEAUTV ^.^
BEAUTV is the leading information and news website for everything about GerVTuber - with interviews, news articles, specials and community links as well as hundreds of German VTubers with their links and information.
You can find more information about BEAUTV here.
Cooperation with BEAUTV

Cooperation with Winter Village 6

This year we will be part of Winter Village again. This time even as an official partner of the project.
The Minecraft project starts on November 27th, 2022 and ends on January 6th, 2023. You can register for the project here.
We look forward to work together with Winter Village and wish you all a lot of fun playing on the Winter Village 6 server ^.^
Cooperation with Winter Village 6
VirtualLifeDE - Your german VTuber Network for Togetherness instead of Competition #Community #GerVTuber